2017 Christmas Gift Guide

It’s December 1. I’d like to pretend I’m not that excited, but come on – it’s the mooooost wonderful tiiiiime of the yeaaarrrrr! I’m going to Disneyland tomorrow, I have a Christmas tree up in my dorm room, and I’m sharing my go-to gifts for 2017! Now that’s what I call a Merry Christmas. All of these gifts are between $4-$45, so there is something for everyone’s budget. Gift away!

HOliday gift guide-4

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For the Christmas Quirk:

12 Days of Socks (Target) – Who needs a song about the Twelve Days of Christmas when you can have socks instead? Each day has a pop-open window with a unique pair of Christmas socks! Perfect for the dorky Christmas fanatic in your life.

Pastel Nutcrackers (Target) – If you know someone who, like me, loves to decorate for Christmas, these nutcrackers are a fun, unique, and feminine addition to a home. You could purchase just one or both in a set, which is very possible considering that they’re only $10 each!

For the Classy Gal:

Suede Block-Heel Booties (Old Navy) – Who doesn’t love a cute pair of boots? Old Navy is one of my favorite places to buy boots of all kinds because they are cute, comfortable, and great quality. I have been wearing the same pair of heeled black booties from Old Navy for three years now. Give the gift that keeps on giving: cute shoes! (Especially at this price.)

Monogrammed Mug (Target) – Every classy girl needs a good coffee mug in her life (or two, or three, or eight…), so why not get her one that makes a bold statement, just like her? The monogram makes it that much more personal. Throw in a Starbucks card or her favorite kind of tea to complete the gift!

For the Happy Hostess

The Year of Cozy (Barnes & Noble) – When a book’s subtitle is, “125 Recipes, Crafts, and Other Homemade Adventures,” you know it’s good. Anyone who loves to serve friends a new recipe at a dinner party (or make it for herself in pajamas) would love the endless inspiration nestled in the pages of The Year of Cozy.

Hearth & Hand by Magnolia Kitchen Towel (Target) – Every hostess desires both a fashionable and functional kitchen; give her the gift of these affordable and adorable Hearth & Hand towels! Designed by (the one and only) Joanna Gaines, they are sure to make any home look like one of those gorgeous houses on Fixer Upper.

For the Old-Fashioned Family Member

Melamine Serving Platter (Target) – This gift is inspired by my own lovely mother, who, every Christmas Eve, loves to put out a platter of appetizers before dinner. However, it drives me crazy that she uses a green and pink flip-flop-printed tray that she once bought for the summer. The solution: a festive (and seasonally appropriate) serving platter that has the same traditional, old-fashioned Christmas style as my mom. The best part is that the tray is made of melamine, ensuring that it won’t shatter like porcelain would — absolutely necessary in my crazy, clumsy family!

Frosted Cranberry Candle (Bath & Body Works) – Once again perfect for my mother who does not like strong, artificial smells, this cranberry candle makes you believe something good is cooking up in the kitchen. Even she never gets sick of it! (P.S. I smelled every single candle in Bath & Body Works on Black Friday, and this was on of the scents I actually purchased! You know it’s good.)

For the Resolution-Ready

2018 Rose Gold Fit Planner (Pop Flex) – Fitness expert Cassey Ho, also known as “Blogilates” on Youtube, started her brand Pop Flex to sell awesome workout gear. She designed the most incredible planner, one not only geared toward an organized schedule, but toward your health and fitness! While many planners are good for one thing or another, this planner does it all: day-to-day schedule, work, exercise, meal planning, habit and water tracking, grocery lists, inspiration, personal goals, to do lists, and more. For the gal in your life who is ready to tackle her New Year’s Resolutions head-on, consider getting her the ultimate gift of organization and self-improvement; I know I’m asking for it this Christmas!

Champagne Toast Candle (Bath & Body Works) – Surprise, another candle! Since this previously mentioned friend is ready to kick butt in 2018, she’s probably ready to move away from the holiday aromas (like pumpkin-spice-this and vanilla-bean-that) in favor a newer, fresher scent. Champagne Toast is a nice break from the delicious but sometimes heavy smells of Thanksgiving and Christmas. This was one of my other favorites from my Bath & Body Works visit.

….     …..     …..

That’s all for this gift guide! I’ll be back soon with another gift guide for our Christian friends! I’ve found some great God-focused items, so don’t forget to visit again in the coming days!

Merry Christmas & God Bless!



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