Today’s Laugh: The Hardest Parts of Being a Christian Writer

Who’s ready for a good laugh?

#1: Physical Exhaustion. Anytime you want to work outside of your house, somewhere like a coffee shop, for instance, you have to bring all your materials with you. In my case, that means my laptop, charger, phone, notebook, journal, Bible, and pens. Which is fine except for the fact that the Bible is practically the largest book known to humankind, and my beautiful illustrated version of 1500 pages seems to weigh about five pounds when it’s in my bag. So basically, hoisting my tote bag over my shoulder multiple times to get to and from my designated work space for the day feels like the equivalent of doing bicep curls. So dang heavy!

#2: Potty Problems. In said instances of coffee shop work days, you’re usually by yourself. This is great as it allows you the space and privacy you need to get some serious work done; however, there comes the time where you need to use the restroom. Especially after drinking a large latte. Like, you really need to pee. So what do you do? Take five minutes to pack up everything you’re using and take it all to the restroom with you, then look ridiculous when you come back out and unpack it all again? Or, you can leave your $1500 laptop and iPhone 7 sitting out on the table as is and hustle your tiny butt to the toilet and back, literally praying to the good Lord that no one tries to take your stuff. Granted, I don’t know of any coffee shop dwellers who just linger in waiting of an opportunity prey on the electronics of those with small bladders, but ask any sane person and they would tell you that leaving expensive goods unattended in a public place is a really bad idea. So basically, you just need to order a small coffee and drink it really really slowly. So maybe get this one iced. 

#3: No Pressure. Need I address the fact that my topic of interest is kinda important? It’s not like I’m talking about God, or anything. Oh wait, I am. And there are a whole lot of people out there who know way more about faith than I do. I’m a rookie – I don’t have theology degree, I haven’t been Christian for years upon years, and I still have a lot of questions about my faith. The deal is this: I haven’t even started my freshman year of college yet (might I add that I’m enrolled at a large public university, not a Christian one), I was baptized Christian less than two months ago, and I’ve only been doing this whole God thing seriously for about a year. But despite my great lack of credentials, I just really, really like Jesus. So I have to accept the fact that I might be completely wrong sometimes, but if I want to write about what I care about, this is it.

#4: Broke Brooke. As previously mentioned, I’m about to be a college freshman. And the one thing that practically all college freshmen have in common: they’re broke. So I don’t have money laying around, waiting to be funneled into my blogging fund. I’m doing all of this as cheaply as possible. I would love to use a better platform and self host my site and get into some better graphic design, but that all costs money, people. That just isn’t an option, especially when I’ve received less than 20 site views to this date. I’m relying solely on my content, not my fancy-looking website, to bring in readers. So I really hope you like what I’m writing, because it’s quite literally all I’ve got.

Clearly, there are plenty of humorous hurdles in my chosen hobby. But, if I can do something good for the Kingdom, it’s all worth it.


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